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 Hurricane Irma Book
49 Euro + Shipping

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As you know, St Barth faced the horrific Hurricane Irma on September 6th, 2017.


As a photographer, I was approached by a lot of people on the island to take photos to try to immortalize this historic Hurricane.


At the beginning, I was very conflicted about taking photographs of these unreal, tragic and apocalyptic scenes as I have been living on St Barth for 22 years and it is my home.


However, after deep contemplation, I thought that I had to find the time and the courage to be strong as a photographer and immortalize this terrible event for the future generations.


So, I began a photography project just 48 hours after Irma destroyed St Barth.


I have introduced my project to Mr. Nils Dufau, the President of Tourism Committee of Saint Barthélemy. He showed much appreciation for my initiative and even offered to write the editorial of the book. He strongly and eloquently stated, «  In a year, there will be but a few visible traces of hurricane Irma. That’s why this collection of eyewitness reports is so important. »


I dedicate this book to the beauty of the Caribbean Islands, to the tiny island of St Barths, to all of the people who call this magical place on earth «home», and to those who come from near and far to help heal the wounds of Hurricane Irma 2017. For those of us who call this magical rock in the Caribbean sea «home», I want to thank you for your unrelenting courage, solidarity, and strength.


10% from each purchase will be donated to The Femur Organization, an organization founded by French, American, and local island natives to raise funds for emergency medical supplies and general medical supplies for the local St Barths Hospital in Gustavia”



If you want to support my project and the Femur Official Organization and its actions for our hospital in Gustavia, you can purchase this historic book for 49 Euro plus shipping.


You can purchase for yourself, your family, your clients and join me as we take action to improve the resources on St Barths.


I remain available if you have any questions and I look foward to hearing from you my dear friends and guests.


Hope to see you on SBH soon.


Sunny regards,



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